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General information

Bostadsrättsföreningen Björkhagen is an association located in Hede, Kungsbacka. The association consists of 92 apartments of various sizes.

Corporate identity number: 769621-1353

Property and addresses

The association owns the property itself. Property designation is Skårby 5:3.

The property is built around a courtyard and has 8 gains (A to H).

The following addresses belongs to Brf Björkhagen:

  • Mor Charlottasväg 3, 5
  • Mor Eleonorasväg 4, 6, 8
  • Björkrisvägen 20, 22, 24, 26


Postal adress

Bostadsrättsföreningen Björkhagen

Björkrisvägen 22

434 60 Kungsbacka

Invoice adress

Brf Björkhagen
Box 171
831 22 Östersund


Board information

For contact with the board we ask that you always primarily use the general mailadress:, rather then contacting individual board members directly. 

The boards composition is as follows:

Position Name E-mail Responsibility
Chairman Agneta Johansson Supplier agreements, Apartment questions, Property issues
Vice Chairman

Mattias Engblom

Homepage management, E-mail management, maintenance plan


Michael Ytterholm

Fire protection/prevention questions, Financial questions

Member Niklas Lennerstad Information to members, Document management
Member Suzanne Bukk Parking related questions, Apartment questions, property maintenance


Fredrik Andersson

Apartment questions, property maintenance



Information from the Board

The Board is communicating with the association's members through these contact channels:

  • Home Page - All information is laid out as news on this website.
  • Patches on the entrance doors – In important cases, the board puts up signs on the entrance doors.
  • Distribution of information in each apartments mailbox – On rare occasions information is distributed and put in each apartments mailbox.

Additional condominium on insurance

It is recommended to sign an additional condominium on your home insurance. This will for example give you further protection against water damage in your apartment.

Name plates

Please contact the caretaker for questions regarding name plates. Name plates are located next to your entrance door, on the mailbox and on the magazine rack.

Electricity contract

Electricity contract is purchased individually by each apartment owner. There is a webpage, where you can get help in choosing a supplier.


Member List, rent notices

Association members are asked to log on to the following page:

On your rental slip you will find username and password for login to the portal.

Here it is appreciated if you enter your contact information (email + cellphone) so that we in the board can get in touch with you as a member.
You can also download / view your rentaö slips if necessary. (For example, if a slip is lost, etc.)


Parking lot

The association has 49 parking spaces for cars. Membership in Brf Björkhagen permits you to rent one parking space per apartment in the association.

The monthly fee for 1 parking space is 300 kronor/crowns. 

Notice period for a parking space is 1 month. Payment is made in advance and only for full months.


Registration for parking space is done by email. The notification shall state:

  • Name and address
  • Apartment number
  • Contact information (email address and mobile phone number)
  • Date of the submitted application.
  • Specific wishes for parking space.

Applications can be sent by e-mail to:

When you're offered a parking space (you'll receive a note in the mailbox) you'll have seven days to respond to this offer. If you don't respond within this time frame the offer expires and you''ll be placed last in the parking queue. Exceptions will be made for example for disabled persons etc.

Migrated member

A member who will move from the association or otherwise no longer wish to rent a car parking space must notify the Board in good time. At least one month's notice. The migrating member must return the parking card (placed in the car's window) to the board by putting these in the boards mailbox located at Björkrisvägen 22. Lost parking card will be charged with 150 kr/crowns per card.


Parking space for non-members

The board of Brf Björkhagen have decided that parking spaces are not rented to non-members of the association.


Current parkering queue

For the current parking queue please see the section "För medlemmar" and then "Parkering". You'll see the current queue under the headline "Aktuell parkeringskö".


Error reporting


Contact with the board Klicka här »   
Caretaker office hours

Contact Kungsriketsfastighetsservice
Monday-friday 07:00-16:00

Phone: 0300-564900/ 0735-255452

If the caretaker is contacted regarding matters which falls within the member's own responsibility, the member pays the service fee.

Caretaker evenings/weekends

Phone:  0300-564900/ 0735-255452

Please notice that the cost of service is very high during the call hours.

The Board reserves the right to re-bill the cost to the member if it is found that the error is caused by carelessness.


Contact: Kone

Notify address and staircase number.

Phone: 0771-50 00 00

Broadband / Phone

Contact: ComHem
Phone: 90 222



Contact: ComHem
Phone: 90 222


Insurance company

Contact: Dina försäkringar

This is the associations insurance company

For damage reporting:
Phone: 0300-137 50


The associations insurance number is: 0104983030


Contact: Anticimex (you'll be asked to provide the insurance number: 20102888 and the name of our insurance company: Dina försäkringar) 

Phone: 075-2451000


The associations insurance number is: 20102888

Rental slips Contact: Husjuristerna








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